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Change matters!

Change matters – a very clever title for a very clever book. Well, it´s more than just clever. Margit Takács shares not only stories of changes she has experienced and supported, but also engaging stories from her background and career, as well as a Floating Island recipe!

There are plenty of books on change these days - textbooks, those describing specific change journeys, those that argue for this or that method/model/approach or targeting specific roles in changes. What Margit has done is write a book that is different in tone, as she connects the stages and activities in change journeys to her own personal experiences both private and professional. If it sounds fluffy it is only because I cannot describe it well, it is very concrete in terms of learnings and suggestions.

The book provides guidance for change practitioners in how to handle key situations in difficult change processes. It also reflects on the role of a change leader and the relationship with sponsors and stakeholders. As Margit has an extensive international career, the cultural aspects of change are covered, and she generously shares her struggles and learnings from different parts of the world, different changes and a multitude of situations..

On the topic of change this book also describes life choices and career changes and can in my opinion be an inspiration to many. So no matter if you are an experienced change practitioner or someone just starting to explore the field I recommend that you get yourself a copy . If you want a quick start, you can start to follow Margit Takács on LinkeIn where she generously shares insights and experience.

What is your best recommendation for reading as a change practitioner?


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